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Is assembly

A frustrating?

Waste of your time?

Not your cup of tea?

No worries!

emergancy service

We offer the IKEA Pickup, delivery and assembly service

We normally need a few days in advance for bookings, but if you have an urgent need, just let us know.

Sometimes we can send a team right away to your location.

We have experienced professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to putting together all that IKEA furniture you love to order and can't wait to get set up in your home!

We do it all, whether it is a bed, bookcase or shelving system; our assemblers can do it with ease and have your piece put together and installed in your home where you want it.

Our prices are very reasonable and fair for similar services in the Greater Toronto Area.

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This guys like machines, they just came and put it all together in a blink of an eye! I would definitely recommend them to everyone who needs the job done quickly and efficiently.

- Denzel Allen

I found a guy who claimed having years of experience in assembly but at the end he messed up everything. I got frustrated from the situation and I called Leon Express. I got impression that this guys don't even need assembly instructions. God bless them, they assembled it fast and have cleaned the mess at the end of the job.

- Alex Egorov

We moved to Toronto area from foreign country so we bought everything needed for the house from Ikea. LeonExpress not only picked up and delivered everything for us, but also have assembled it all together during the folowing 2 days. Now we will recommend them to all our newcomers friends.

- Aron Chitrit

"Peoples satisfaction
Our mesure of success!"