Whether you already have a TV or purchased a new one and want to get it mounted on the wall with the assistance of an expert handyman, then the friendly experts at LeonExpress can assist you with professional TV Installation wall mounting.

Our team of professionals is highly experienced and takes care of various factors such as accurate distance from the ground, right viewing angle, right wall selection, and distance between screen & seating while installing or mounting an LCD/LED TV. We have a team of expert installers at LeonExpress who do everything right, from unpacking your TV to the installation with proper care.

Top Rated TV Installation Wall Mounting

LeonExpress has built a reputation on their reliable TV installation services, consistently earning top ratings from their contented clients.

Over time, our team has mastered the art of incorporating modern technology into every aspect of installation. This ensures the perfect installation experience for both residential and commercial TV installations.

Our clients often commend the excellent installation services we provide, especially noting the meticulous attention we give to wiring and the complete installation of various equipment. Whether it’s the sensible hiding and organizing of wires behind walls or the intricate network cabling necessary for larger commercial projects, our team guarantees quality work every step of the way.

One key aspect that sets LeonExpress apart is our flexibility in obliging different requests. We offer a variety of mounts, from those suited for cozy home settings to the robust requirements of commercial spaces. If you’re looking for a straightforward cable setup or a more intricate business TV Installation Wall Mounting with network integration, we’re here to assist you.

Additionally, we’re not only focused on providing outstanding service. We prioritize giving you high-quality results at fair rates. Regardless of how big or intricate your project might be, we guarantee that from the beginning phases to the meticulous wiring and finishing details, our standards remain high and budget-friendly.

For TV Installation Wall Mounting that give meticulous attention to detail and offer a comprehensive range of solutions, LeonExpress stands out as a reliable choice.

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Checking and Unpacking

At LeonExpress, we ensure your TV arrives in impeccable condition.

Our specialists will check the packaging and substance. We will check the state of the packaging to preclude harm. We will check the rundown of the substance of the package and then unpack the TV. Unpacking the substance – the TV, controller, cables, etc.

At LeonExpress, we’re meticulous in handling every part, including the tiniest cables, with utmost precision. This initial step sets the tone for the whole installation, and our commitment is to begin on the right track, placing your equipment’s safety and integrity above all else.

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Feasibility and Location Check

LeonExpress ensures the best spot for your TV’s installation.

Our professionals will conduct a feasibility check. This includes checking the area where the TV is to be installed. Additionally, the location that will be suitable for the installation will be considered by our handyman to mount the TV.

Finding the right location is more than just about aesthetics; it’s about optimizing your viewing experience. By assessing the room’s layout, light sources, and viewer seating positions, LeonExpress ensures your TV is not just mounted but perfectly positioned for your comfort and enjoyment.

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Mounting and Setting Up

LeonExpress securely positions and configures your TV for optimal performance.

We will set up the section on the wall and mount the TV in its place. Lastly, our experts will handle all the connections for you. We will set up the controller with the TV and ensure everything works appropriately.

The attention to detail in the mounting phase ensures stability and safety. At LeonExpress, we utilize the latest tools and techniques to secure your TV. Every connection, every bracket, and every cable placement is made with the aim of enhancing your entertainment experience while ensuring the longevity and safety of your device.

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Cleanup and Demonstration

LeonExpress leaves your space tidy and ensures you’re confident in using your newly installed system.

After completing the setup and thorough checks, our handyman won’t leave you with a mess. Instead, they’ll tidy up the area, removing all packaging materials for proper disposal. Our skilled professionals will give you a final demo.

Before we leave, we’ll ensure you realize how to use the system. We will run you through the critical highlights of items and how to utilize them. You can check whether all is running well and pose inquiries about the item relevant to care, warranty, and maintenance.

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Wall Mount Options

Wall mount number one: Tilted Wall Mount

This wall mount is made to fit most 37″-85″ LED and LCD flat panel TVs, supporting weights up to 60kg/132lbs. If you have issues with reflections or want different viewing angles, consider using a tilting mount for a better TV viewing experience. Adjustable structure allows free tilting for 15°up and 15°down for viewing ease and enjoyment. Lateral shift lets you easily move your TV left or right on the wall, positioning it exactly where you prefer.

Standard Tilt Mount 32″ – 85″ Screen
Original price: CAD $75.00
Our Price CAD $65.00

Wall mount number two: Full Motion Wall Mount

Our sturdy large and full-motion mount is crafted from high-gauge steel, specifically designed to accommodate flat panel TVs ranging from 37″ to 85″ and weighing up to 65kg/143lbs. This mount allows you to have your flat panel TV tilted for glare control or optimum viewing angle, pulled out from the wall (635mm extension), and angled towards a separate viewing area.

Standard Full Motion 37″ – 85″ Screen
Price CAD $165.00

Choose LeonExpress for Affordable Services

If you want to get the best TV installation services, then reach out to hire the handyman available at LeonExpress. Our TV wall mount services are highly affordable.

Beyond just cost-effectiveness, LeonExpress prides itself on providing transparent pricing with no hidden fees. At LeonExpress, our unwavering dedication to excellence guarantees that you receive the highest value for every dollar you invest.

Our team understands the nuances of different TV models and setups, ensuring a seamless installation process tailored to your specific needs. Trust in our experience and dedication to delivering quality services at competitive prices.

Your Trusted and Recognized Service Partner

When it comes to TV installation service and TV bracket mounting, trust is paramount. LeonExpress is your reliable partner for hassle-free installations. We prioritize your satisfaction by offering professional, same-day services you can count on. Our skilled technicians guarantee a secure and precise TV mounting, ensuring a seamless entertainment setup. With a commitment to affordability and customer satisfaction, we’re your go-to choice for TV installation needs. Don’t take chances with your valuable equipment; choose LeonExpress for a trusted and top-notch TV installation service and TV bracket mounting experience.

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